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On Site this week: Adams, Milton Keynes

Elm Workspace starts another project this week in Milton Keynes ; check out the renders to see what's in store for Adams!




We're pleased to update you on our current Milton Keynes project for Adams, a successful outsourcing company.

Check out the CGI renders we created for the new space: 


Adam Adam


The project will take 4-5 weeks to complete and we will update you will completed imagery when the space has been finished!

Here's some shots of the site in it's current guise! : 



Adam Adam


We'll be updating you with finished project imagery once we're done. Don't forget to check back into the Newsroom for regualr updates on all of our work. 

 What's next? :

Considering an office move? Make sure you cover all angles with our ULTIMATE office move checklist - a fantastic resource for anyone in charge of an office move - download it for free below:

Office Move Checklist


Office Move Checklist

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