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How To Manage Your Brand In An Office Refurbishment In 3 Easy Steps

By Elm Workspace May 25, 2016

Whether you are rebranding the company as a whole and the refurb is part of that, or if you are..

What do employees value most? 5 ways to keep staff happy

By Elm Workspace April 21, 2016

Not all employees care about getting a pay rise. Of course, an increasing wage is a bonus, but..

Classroom Acoustics: 10 ways to improve the teaching environment

By Elm Workspace March 31, 2016

Want to improve your teaching environment? Your classroom acoustics can have a major impact on..

How To Prepare Your Employees For An Office Move [With Download]

By Elm Workspace March 24, 2016

Moving to an office isn't just a big step for you and your business, it's also a big step for..

4 tips to refurbish your office without having to close your business

By Elm Workspace March 18, 2016

Closing your business so you can refurbish your office space can be costly. Especially if you..

Budget Planning 101: How to manage office relocation costs

By Elm Workspace March 11, 2016

We understand moving to a new office can be a costly enterprise. But it doesn't have to be...

Improve Staff Morale: 7 Tips On Building Teamwork In The Workplace

By Elm Workspace February 11, 2016

Building teamwork in the workplace is crucial for any successful business. If your teams aren't..

Stop the Scrooges in 6 steps! How to decorate your office for Christmas

By Elm Workspace December 4, 2015

Want to decorate your office for Christmas? Then you've come to the right place! Creating a..

Is it time for a rebrand? 9 practical tips on rebranding a company

By Elm Workspace December 4, 2015

Rebranding a company is sometimes the only option when you merge with another company or get new..

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