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The Underestimated Impact Of Office Flooring On Workplace Wellbeing

By Elm Workspace May 6, 2017

Imagine walking into the office of a prospective employer. It’s for a job which you aren’t too..

How To Involve Employees In Buying New Office Furniture In 3 Easy Steps

By Elm Workspace April 5, 2017

As you'll know from whenever you've tried to implement anything which affects everyone in your..

Understanding Office Occupancy Ratios

By Elm Workspace April 4, 2017

At the leading design fairs and trade shows which our design team attended towards the end of..

7 Effective Office Layouts For Small Offices

By Elm Workspace March 29, 2017

By reading this post, you can tap into the different elements of what makes an effective office..

Home Office Layout Ideas For Remote Workers

By Elm Workspace March 17, 2017

Assuming that, being a remote worker, you spend a regular amount of your working week at home,..

15 Awesome Office Productivity Tips For Managers

By Elm Workspace March 2, 2017

There are a whole host of ways that managers, team leaders and business owners can improve..

10 Workplace Furniture Trends That Increase Productivity

By Elm Workspace February 7, 2017

Aside from advertised apps and extensions, what can be done to help increase productivity? The..

Building Company Culture: Tips To Reduce Corporate Energy Consumption

By Elm Workspace January 17, 2017

Reducing corporate energy consumption reduces costs and frees capital to be invested elsewhere...

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