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Show Your Boss How Glass Office Partitions Can Improve Collaboration

By Elm Workspace May 30, 2017

Having an office space that is too open or too closed can each have their pros and cons. While..

6 Stunning Office Desk Lamps In The Home And At Work

By Elm Workspace May 24, 2017

Just like choosing any piece of furniture, picking an office desk lamp can be tricky. It needs..

Office Space Design Ideas For Facilities Managers & Heads Of Property

By Elm Workspace May 24, 2017

When it comes to designing your office space, it needs to fulfil its primary purpose: to be a..

Choosing The Right Office Desk Lamp & Other Office Desk Accessories

By Elm Workspace May 22, 2017

When you’re working at a desk, you need to have sufficient lighting to work properly. Working in..

Office Lights, Workplace Health And Staff Wellbeing: A Guide To Getting It Right

By Elm Workspace May 10, 2017

Working in an office that is too dark or even too bright, can cause a number of problems for..

The Underestimated Impact Of Office Flooring On Workplace Wellbeing

By Elm Workspace May 6, 2017

Imagine walking into the office of a prospective employer. It’s for a job which you aren’t too..

10 Easiest Office Decor Tips For Heads Of Property And Office Managers

By Elm Workspace April 24, 2017

If you’re in a hurry to improve your office atmosphere and productivity, but don’t want a..

Don't Miss These Key Health & Safety Checks For New Office Furniture

By Elm Workspace March 31, 2017

If you've ordered new office furniture and installed it into your workspace, before commencing..

7 Effective Office Layouts For Small Offices

By Elm Workspace March 29, 2017

By reading this post, you can tap into the different elements of what makes an effective office..

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