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Different Christmas Presents For Work To Suit All Budgets

By Elm Workspace November 16, 2016

Whether you are taking part in Secret Santa or are looking to reward your personal assistant for..

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Office Paint Colours

By Elm Workspace September 21, 2016

There's an infinite number of colours available to paint your office and it's likely that you..

What Your Employees Need to Know During Your Office Refurbishment

By Elm Workspace May 18, 2016

During an office redesign, your employees need to know what they're doing. Will the office be..

Classroom Acoustics: 10 ways to improve the teaching environment

By Elm Workspace March 31, 2016

Want to improve your teaching environment? Your classroom acoustics can have a major impact on..

How much office space do I need? 6 tricks to meet requirements

By Elm Workspace February 26, 2016

When looking for office space, there is one big question you need to answer: “how much office..

6 things to remember when moving to a new office: [FREE Checklist]

By Elm Workspace January 22, 2016

From our experience as an office fitting company, we understand how stressful it can be moving..

Office Design Trends for 2016: Finding the perfect office

By Elm Workspace January 15, 2016

Are you ready for 2016? Although a part of us is still wishing it was Christmas,  there's..

The TEN signs you need to move office NOW!

By Elm Workspace December 22, 2015

 Most businesses have to move offices at least once. As your company grows in the number of..

Do you need an executive chair? 8 ways to save costs in the office

By Elm Workspace December 18, 2015

Saving costs in the office can be a difficult task when you want to get high quality tech and..

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