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Do you need an executive chair? 8 ways to save costs in the office

By Elm Workspace December 18, 2015

Saving costs in the office can be a difficult task when you want to get high quality tech and..

7 of the most Inspirational Eco-Friendly Offices

By Elm Workspace December 11, 2015

We don't mean you should go green with envy, we mean you should turn your office into an..

6 ways to reduce noise in the office without spending a penny

By Elm Workspace November 26, 2015

There are definitely both pros and cons to having a loud and chatty office. If people are..

Get the X Factor! 8 factors to finding the perfect office

By Elm Workspace November 13, 2015

What makes the perfect office? If you asked a group of people you'd likely get a list of..

Get inspired with 9 of the the best modern office designs

By Elm Workspace November 6, 2015

Want to improve your office space? We've created a roundup of the best modern office designs  to..

30 reasons staff leave a company (and 5 ways to stop them)

By Elm Workspace October 30, 2015

In the US, the average length of time an employee stays at a company is 4.6 years.

For employers..

It's time to change! 5 reasons you need to update your workspace now

By Elm Workspace October 23, 2015

Offices look very different to how they were thirty years ago... Do you remember the small,..

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