10 Offices That Make The Most Of Summer

Though it puts everybody in a better mood, the sun being out during summer can often make us wish we weren’t at work, can’t it? Especially if your office isn’t equipped to deal with the heat. Here are 10 offices that make the most of summer and have built it into their design so that even in the depths of winter, it’s summer all year round.

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1. Skype, San Francisco

These offices are amazing. Designed by Blitz the offices look to help Skype attract the best talent in the highly competitive San Francisco Bay Area pool of potential employees. The wide open spaces and installation of small artificial lawns with deck chairs are perhaps the most summery meeting or breakout areas you could ever hope for.

Skype office 1

Skype office 2

2. Mind Candy, Shoreditch

So forward thinking and open minded that it almost parodies itself, Shoreditch is home to many of the leading startups and creative businesses in the country. No surprise then that this is where the ultra-summery office of Mind Candy can be found.

tree house in mind candy office

tree trunk reception desk

3. Acuity, Sheboygan

We used to love going to the fair during our summer holidays. It would be pretty good to have one permanently available at work. Imagine attending a meeting on the indoor ferris wheel or fleshing out a contract over a bag of candy floss? Sounds like summer to me.

What’s more surprising is that this is the home of an insurance company.

acuity indoor circus and fair

4. Autodesk, California

You have probably used a product that has been produced with the help of Autodesk‘s software. In fact, you’ve probably used something whilst reading this sentence. Their software is used for 3D design, engineering and entertainment design and production.

Cool stuff – just like the iced tea that you’d be wanting in your hand when relaxing in this summer garden break room.

Autodesk summer lawn breakroom

5. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis

Having worked in an office that had a garden similar to this, the summertime benefits can be highly recommended. A chance to get away from the fluorescent lights and get some fresh air is a great way to de-stress in the middle of a long day.

It’s even more important when you are busy researching how to cure sick children. Excellent for all involved.

Outdoor seating area

6. Innocent Drinks, London

If you’ve ever looked at one of their drink’s bottles, there’ll be no surprises at seeing such a fun looking canteen area at the head of Innocent Drinks. Incorporating an artificial lawn and picnic benches, the canteen area is more of a beer garden. But we imagine there won’t be any alcohol on sale given their love of healthy smoothies and juices.

innocent canteen area that looks like a beer garden

7. Man Bites Dog, Brighton

This B2B marketing firm is clearly channeling the spirit of Brighton’s summer beach houses with their meeting rooms and there is even an indoor pier. It must be summer all year round at their office – and everybody is always happier when the sun’s out.

beach house meeting rooms and deckchairs within

8. Airbnb, San Francisco

Back to the Bay again, this time it’s Airbnb who are channeling the summer feeling in their office. These canvas covered, informal meeting pods include comfy deck-chairs and a summer beach-house feel.

air b n b meeting pods

9. Bloomsbury Street Hotel, London

This is such an untapped method of boosting employee morale and increasing engagement with the business and each other. A collection of offices in London installed edible gardens on their roof to get staff outside and working together on a project during the summer months.

This can be incorporated into a vegetable patch if not a rooftop allotment.

edible garden on a roof in london

10. Facebook, California

The Facebook campus offices, designed by Frank Gehry, includes lots of employee well-being boosting touches (numerous X-Boxes, games rooms and chill-out areas) but also features an enormous amount of outdoor space. Lots of which can be used as work space for meetings, ad-hoc chats and even regular working.

Facebook office outdoor space

Find Out The Future Of Office Design

Most of the offices featured are home to companies who are at the cutting edge of their respective field. It’s no coincidence that a company who leads the way in terms of business and innovation is leading the way with the design of the place they operate out of.

The office as we know it is changing as mobile and wireless technology changes how we behave at work.

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