Elm’s New Office Showroom Available To View

Take a virtual tour of our newly fitted out office showroom and take a look at all the latest office trends, tech and furniture in their natural habitat as opposed to a showroom or catalogue.

Why Do We Have An Office Showroom?

We think it’s important for our clients to see their potential options, in a genuine setting, during the early design stage of a project. The best way to do this is to create some office setups which are available to see so people can really visualise their office interior design and layouts.

It acts as a piece of inspiration, a reference point and a way of helping to make sure your new office or office refurb is finished to the best possible specification.

We have updated our showroom in Jan-Feb 2017 to get ready for the year ahead and in response to the latest design theory and trends.

Also, as the third decade of this millennium fast approaches, we are now at a crossroads in terms of workplace design. This is because of a shift in the workforce demographic Рand therefore what workers want from their office Рand a rapid evolution in technology.

For example, “robots” and automated machinery is expected to be HUGE by as early as 2030.

The now-traditional go-to office design of 99% open plan with banks of lined desks is no longer sufficient. The way in which people work most productively and what tech they use is changing more and more. Read more on this topic here, but, for now, let’s take a look at our newly refurbished showroom.

Here’s Our New Office Showroom…

fitted out reception area

An example of an attractive communal or reception space. Soft furnishings and soft lighting are complemented by mood leading artwork on the walls.

modern working area

modern communal office area

Having a fully functional and multi-purpose breakout area is KEY if you want a successful office in the coming years. Booth seating and shared seating areas make for an adaptable and welcoming hub in your office…

fitted out and designed office at Elm Workspace

…and bench and bar seating arrangements add more possibilities to your breakout and meeting spaces because they allow standing working or meetings.

fitted out and modern designed office

green and black sofas in fitted out office

fitted out and designed office in Elm Workspace

And these shots show how you can use booth seating inside the main office to make semi-private work areas for non-confidential meetings and discussion or to allow employees to be free from visual distraction.

They also show how to blend softer furnishing into your office design – a big trend emerging at the late 2016 design and trade shows.

modern designed working area

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