Get inspired with 9 of the the best modern office designs

Want to improve your office space? We’ve created a roundup of the best modern office designs  to brew your creativity. More employers are investing in the appearance of their offices. A good looking office can wow customers, improve office morale and make employees feel happy about where they work. If you’re updating your office look or considering moving to a new workspace, here are some inspiring modern office designs to help you create an office that will make your competitors go green with envy.

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In our hunt for the most inspirational modern office designs, we decided to create three categories:

  • Best Sleek Designs
  • Best Interactive Designs
  • Best Eco-Friendly Designs

We’ve found the best office designs for each category to inspire a new design for your workspace. You know when it’s time to update your office and as it can get very expensive, you need to get it right the first time.

Category: Best Sleek Office Designs

Avon (New York City, NY)

Avon office interior

Sleek, bright and beautiful, this design is certainly a reflection of Avon’s cosmetic business. Walls are clean and decorated with artistic portraits and the furniture is appropriate for formal and casual business meetings. Located in the centre of New York City, this office is a breath of fresh air in the midst of busy city bustle.  You really wouldn’t want to spill spaghetti bolognese on that white rug!

DTAC (Bangkok, Thailand)

Dtac Office

When you think of a large corporate company with thousands of employees you tend to expect a towering, plain office space without much personality. However DTAC has created a personalised office, designed to comfortably accommodate its high number of workers. The sleek woodwork and copious  amount of space welcomes its employees to work where they want to work. As a leading telecommunications company in Thailand, DTAC’s office is a reflection of modern design.

Medibank Building (Melbourne, Australia)

medibank melbourne

Focusing on sleek design, the Australian health care provider Medibank uses modern architecture to create a piece of art. The long reaching staircases, the curving bends in the walls and the complementary white and bright positive colours are the perfect examples of modern design. As a health care company, the design promotes healthy living with the excess number of stairs – you would certainly keep fit working there.

Category: Best Interactive Office Design

Corus Entertainment (Toronto, Canada)

Corus Entertainment office interior

As a  multimedia television and radio company, you can see the creative design in their interior. Corus Entertainment’s main ambition is to give their employee flexibility on how and where they work. If they want to work as they slide down their three storey slide, then they can.

British Broadcast Company / BBC (Salford, UK)

bbc salford

BBC’s news building in Salford invites employees to have meetings and work together. Instead of having closed rooms, there are booths for employees to take time away from the computer and work elsewhere. This is an interactive environment welcoming new ideas and creativity.

Peer 1 Hosting (Southampton, UK)

Peer 1 hosting office with a slide

With the ambition to create an office space designed for young and energetic people, Peer 1 Hosting filled their new office with fun and interactive games. If you fancy a game of golf or want to go to the cinema, you don’t have to leave the office. Having fun activities available shows customers, the business is a fun and young brand. There’s nothing like boosting morale in an office like a slide.

Category: Best Eco-Friendly Office Design

Gummo  (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

gummo netherlands

Advertising agency Gummo bought second hand furniture from Marktplaats, the Dutch eBay, to fill their office space.  When you buy a new office or get a redesign you naturally want to treat yourself to new furniture to suit a specific theme. Gummo recycled old furniture and painted it black to suit the overall theme of the office.

Jvantspijker (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Jvantspijker office design

Being eco-friendly is a positive attribute for many modern offices. For Jvantspijker, they’ve created an indoor garden above their meeting room.  The architecture company smartly uses their space to create a welcoming garden area for nature to grow. As they have positioned the garden above their meeting room, they’re showing clients how they promote an eco-friendly environment.

Nothing (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Nothing office design

The company Nothing shows how you can build an office from next to nothing – they designed their entire office from cardboard. Using super-versatile cardboard to create desks, tables, chairs and even dividing walls, this advertising agency was designed with a retro style to show how you can be stylish and eco-friendly.

Before you move into a new office space, you need to decide  how your workspace will be designed. As you can see in the images above, the office designs are a reflection of the business’ brand. Using clear white designs, Avon’s office is stylish and artistic just like the cosmetic products they produce. A prime objective for Corus Entertainment is to produce entertaining programmes to watch and its office spaces are fun and interactive.

Your office design and your furniture should reflect your brand. At Elm Workspace we know the importance of creating offices that represent the business’ brand and motivations. Use these inspirational modern office designs to plan your future workspace.

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